Re: Funeral service of the beloved father of Mr. Stephen Su, Mr. Thomas Su and Ms. Su Ching on 24th October 2019 @ (Thursday) @ 11.00am

Dear Members,


We refer to the above matter and our earlier email.

Kindly disregard the earlier email which incorrectly states the date of demise as 19th September 2019. The correct date of demise is 19th October 2019.

Kindly be informed that the Late Mr. Su Liang Yu the beloved father of Mr. Su Keong Siew @ Stephen Su of (Messrs K S Su & Mah),  Mr. Su Keong Siong @ Thomas Su of (Messrs Jaswant & Loh) and Ms. Su Ching of (Messrs Gurdev Dalgit Su & Co) passed away peacefully on the 19th October 2019 (Saturday).

We attached below the Obituary of the deceased Mr. Su Liang Yu for further reference.

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