As all of us are aware, Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (Cawangan Ipoh) has issued  a notice dated 13 December 2018 requiring all member to make payment of stamp duty via online banking from 15 January 2019 onwards. The Conveyancing Committee has taken into consideration that not all law firms in Ipoh has an online banking account and issuing cheques for stamp duty payment is still the most viable option for the members. On the 3rd January 2019, the Conveyancing Committee has held a short meeting with the officers from LHDN outlining the issues that the members face with the payment via online banking. After a short discussion, the officers agree with our predicament and has given us assurance that they will continue to accept payment by way of cheque or cash. However, they have also given us a notice that in the near future, payment of stamp duty will be completed via online banking and that member should consider applying for online banking as soon as possible. LHDN has further informed us that they hope that members can start printing at their own office for all stamp duty certificate (exemption) so that the payment counter will not be congested.


LHDN urge all member to do all stamp duty related filing in Cawangan Ipoh instead of other LHDN branches.


If any of the Member would like to try the online payment, LHDN’s officer are more than eager to offer their assistance by personally conducting step by step lesson(s) at the Member’s own office. Please contact Encik Badrul Hisham (LHDN Ipoh) for appointment or enquiries in relation to online payment/printing. A copy of the said notice dated 13 December 2018 together with the instructions/manual for online payment is attached for the members viewing.
Thank you.




Conveyancing Committee Chairman
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