RE : Talk on Economic and Legal Aspects of Sand and Sovereignty @ 14th October 2019 (Monday)

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Kindly be informed the talk will be held at as detail below :

Venue : Messrs Chan & Associates

Date : 14.10.2019

Time : 1.00 pm

Light refreshments will be provided

**please make a reservation by calling to 017-4436245 (Mr.Sukhvinder Singh Sidhu)

Brief Description:

Following a 2010 report that 24 Indonesian islands dissapeared due to massive sand exports to Singapore, the world woke up to the fact that territorial integrity can be undermined by coastal erosion triggered by sand-mining. Sand extraction and consumption is only minimally regulated, even though the world’s demand for this resource has grown to 50 billion tonnes a year.

In early 2019, the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP) called sand resource governance “a new issue for the international community”. The trade in sand, both legal and illicit, has been known to impact source communities negatively. Indeed, sand export has been likened to “destroying one home to build another.”

Long known as “quarry of the world” for tin, Perak is now a major sand exporter. Much of the 189 million tonnes of sand needed for the Penang South Reclamation will be mined in Perak. This sand, according to an EIA report, will be mined from 810 square kilometers of seabed off the Perak coast. This talk takes a closer look at the economic and legal aspects of sand-mining, arguing the need for a cost-benefit analysis to inform public policy.

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