Dear Members,
The Perak Bar Committee is aware of the problems faced by members regarding conveyancing practice during the lockdown period and we have been liaising with the relevant authorities to ensure that members can still continue with their practice in this area albeit with certain restrictions as imposed by the said authorities.
For ease of reference, several issues as brought up to the Committee’s attention are set out below :-
1. Presentation &  Collection of Documents from PTG Perak
(i) Members having dealings on this are required to fill up the online form which is accessible via the PTG Perak website from 1.00pm to 1.30pm. Initial dealings limited to 150 presentations have been extended to 300 daily presentations ( each firm allowed to make maximum 15 presentations per day) which will be via appointment which will be notified to the successful applicants at about 4.00pm on the same day. Once the quota of 300 has been filled, the online form will not be accessible  until the following day. Please note that each legal firm will be only allowed appointments on alternate days. We are informed that the need to limit the number of presentations is due to the limited workforce available currently at the relevant presentation counters. Kindly refer to the PTG Perak website for regular updates.
(ii) No appointments are required for collection of duly registered documents.
2. Dealings with Stamp Office, LHDN Ipoh
We are informed that the said Office is encouraging legal firms to use the online system to obtain the Sijil Setem for all documents that require stamping. Therefore, members are to be guided accordingly and we are further given to understand that the process of issuance of the Notis Taksiran is actually being done within a reasonable time frame.
We welcome members to raise and discuss any issue pertaining to the above directly with the Chairman, Perak Bar and/or the Chairperson, Conveyancing Sub Committee or through email / . Any updates received by the Committee from the relevant authorities shall be made known to members as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,
Conveyancing Sub Committee
Perak Bar Committee
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