Dear Members,

Pursuant to your complaints we have received and our letter thereafter to the Pengarah Mahkamah Negeri Perak; the Perak Bar Committee Chairlady and I had a meeting with the Pengarah sometime in April and we have received a reply to the issues we raised.
The lower courts have been instructed by the Pengarah to not lock the E-Review for civil matters until 4.00pm the same day to ensure that members have their say in regard to any issues or any dates that are unsuitable for them.
The Pengarah has also confirmed with us that they will not be providing any Chinese or Tamil interpreters for civil matters in the lower courts and that we would have to provide our own interpreters. The courts have given us a list of “freelance interpreters” we could use in the list attached.
Kindly let us know if you face any other issues with the courts so that we may assist you in solving the same.

Download the interpreter list here

Thank you.
Yours faithfully,
Court Liaison Committee Chair 2022/2023

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