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Dear Members,

In the Driving Seat was created by our former IT Chairman Mr. Gavin Tang for the Chairman of the Perak Bar to share his thoughts and directions of the Bar quite some time ago. I have decided to revive the same.

As a start, I would like to inform the members that as a way to be more accessible to all of you I have created a personal email ( pbcchairman@gmail.com ) for members to let me know your problems/issues that you may be facing and I assure you that my team and I will try our best to help solve your problems/issues if we are able to and if they fall under the purview of the Perak Bar.

Please do let me know who you are and how we can contact you in the email to me and also be specific about the problem/issue you are facing.

Thank you.

Kenny Lai Choe Ken

Perak Bar Chairman 2014/2015


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February 27th 2014



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