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Re : Registration of LAC lawyers
by perakbar

Dear members,

The Perak Legal Aid Centre is in the midst of updating the list of LAC lawyers handling LAC files, especially issues pertaining to employment and family law. Currently we only have a handful of lawyers who are willing to handle these files in the whole of Perak state. We are faced with a dire shortage of lawyers and as such we desperately need more volunteers.  Lawyers who are interested can call either Perak Bar at 05-2415457 or call the LAC Secretariat at 05-2250523 to register. For the existing LAC lawyers, please inform us whether you would still like to be on the list of LAC lawyers and to further accept new LAC files. Your participation is truly appreciated.

Thank you.

Perak Bar Committee


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February 9th 2015



Legal Aid

Calling up for Volunteer Lawyers!
by perakbar

Dear Members of The Bar,


For the month of August 2014, we the Perak Legal Aid Centre are having two Legal Aid cases.


The following are the particulars of the cases:


1 Divorce (Joint Petition)
2 Divorce (Single Petition)


Currently, with no volunteers to take up the cases, civil case files are only handled by the Perak Bar committee members.  Since there are more than 700 Perak Bar members, we appeal to members to render their services to help the poor and needy as well as to ease the current backlog at the Centre.


Anyone interested, kindly contact the Perak Legal Aid secretariat at 05-2410428 to collect the case file/files.


Thank you.



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August 7th 2014



Legal Aid

by perakbar

Dear Members,

Kindly be informed that the details of the upcoming LAC/YBGK sub-committee meeting and the YBGK Duty solicitors’ meeting is as follows:-

Please be also informed that the initial LAC/YBGK Sub-Committee meeting to be held today, the 4th of April 2014 is cancelled and is rescheduled as per this notification.

Date: 07.04.13 (Monday)

Time: 3 p.m (YBGK Duty Solicitor (DS) meeting) & 3:45pm ( LAC/YBGK Sub-committee meeting)

Venue: Perak Bar Secretariat,

1st. Floor, (Conference Hall)

No 41, Jln. Dato Maharajalela,

30000 Ipoh.

Yours Sincerely,

Balakrishna Balaravi Pillai
Legal Aid / YBGK / Human Rights Sub-Committee


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April 4th 2014



Legal Aid

1st Meeting of the Perak LAC/YBGK Committee
by perakbar

Dear Members of the Bar and Chambering Pupils,

Please be informed that the first meeting of the Perak LAC/YBGK Committee will be held on The 3rd of March 2014 (Monday) at 4 pm at Perak Legal Aid Centre Secretariat.

Members who are interested to join and be in our Sub-Committee are cordially invited to attend the meeting.

Thank You.

Chairman of the Perak LAC/YBGK
Perak Bar Committee


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February 27th 2014



Legal Aid

by perakbar

Dear Members,

Legal Aid Clinic at Sungei Siput

Dear members,

We wish to annouce the launching of  Legal Aid Clinic at Sungei Siput, details of which are as follows:-

Date:     18th. February 2012 (Saturday)

Time:    2.30 p.m.

Venue:  121 A, Lorong 4,
Taman Heawood,
Sungei Siput (U),

The idea of setting this Clinic came about following requests from several NGOs who are serving the hard-core poor communities in the rural areas and surrounding estates in Sungei Siput.
The clinic will be manned by volunteers and pupils and shall initially operate on a bi-monthly basis, subject to public demand.

All Members are cordially invited to attend the launch.
For further details, kindly email us at peraklac@gmail.com or call at 05-2550523

Thank you.

M. Gokoolaram Naidu
Perak Legal Aid Centre


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February 3rd 2012



Legal Aid
Perak Bar News

by perakbar


Thirty lawyers and pupils participated in a one-day Legal Aid workshop themed Legal Aid-The Next Generation held on 09.12.11 at the Perak Bar Conference Room.

In his opening address N.P Ramachandran, the Deputy-Chair reminded the participants of the importance of being volunteers as it is literally impossible to imagine a social justice landscape without the services that the legal aid provides.

The first topic was History of Legal Aid In Malaysia where I spoke on the origins of Legal Aid in Malaysia and how it evolved to where it is now. Mr. Ram, the EO for Perak Bar Legal Aid Centre mentioned about the sacrifices and hardwork of our predecessors in the hope that it will encourage the next generation to carry on.

This was followed by the next speaker En. Syamshul Hizri who presented his topic entitled The future of Legal Aid In Malaysia.  The participants were awed by his topic as he highlighted the need to include animal-rights/welfare, to complement human-rights,  as an extension of legal aid work.

The program resumed after morning-break with the next speaker  Balakrishna Balaravi who conducted his topic on the Extension of Legal Aid Work.      His method was very innovative as he began with an ice-breaker session to loosen-up the participants.  Soon everyone was ready to perceive his ideas and values.

The forth topic How to Attract Volunteers Laywers was conducted by Nurul Jannah Khairul Anuar. She suggested several time-tested methods in luring volunteers with the same goal, much to everyone’s excitement ie remuneration.

The workshop resumed after lunch where the participants were formed into four groups, each with its own tagline viz ‘Thunder cats, 1 Malaysia, LAC Superheroes and Red. They were requested to submit resolutions based on the 3 major topics  of the day.

This was later followed by summary presentations by each group. Laughter and jest followed as each group made its way to the fore to present their resolutions.  (The groups’ resolutions, speakers key-notes and attendance list can be viewed at the centre – for photos kindly visit our facebook Perak Legal Aid Centre).


Later, I also announced news of the opening of our new Legal Aid Clinic in Sungei Siput (date TBC) and managed to get 11 lawyers and pupils  sign up for this bi-monthly clinic.  The Workshop ended with presentation of token of appreciation to the speakers and Certificate of Attendance to all participants.  Mr. Ram thanked everyone for their participation and making the workshop a huge success.  Special thanks was also conveyed to a participant from Penang Bar.  Everyone left shortly after tea-time.

Presented by: M. Gokoolaram Naidu



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December 23rd 2011



Legal Aid

by perakbar

Dear Members,

The Malaysian Bar Legal Aid Committee together with the Perak Bar Committee is proud to announce the launching of the National Law Awareness Week 2011 on the 2nd of October, 2011 at 9.00 a.m. at the Orang Asli Village at Kampung Ulu Geroh, Gopeng Perak Darul Ridzuan.

The official invitation card and details can be downloaded here.

Kindly contact Ram at 05-2550523 for further details.

Thank you.

Perak Bar webmaster


Posted at:
September 14th 2011



Legal Aid
Perak Bar News

Reports of the Legal Aid Sub-Committee
by perakbar

The Management Panel – (Legal Aid And Human Rights Sub-Committee)


The management panel for the year 2009/2010 comprises of the followingmembers:-


Chairman : Mr. Domnic Selvam Gnanapragasam

Head of Orang Asli Affairs BCHRC : Mr. Augustine Anthony

Advisor/Deputy Chair : Ms. Lee Pooi Mun

Executive Legal Officer : Mr. M. Gokoolaram Naidu

Committee Members : Dato’ Hjh. Shamsuriah Bt. Sulaiman

Mr. T. Shan

Mr. M. Vengetraman

Mr. M. Thangaveloo

Mr. Joseph Sebestian

Mr. Nahtan Krishnan

Mr. Kenny Lai Choe Ken

Miss Thiru Mangai

Mr. Charan Singh

Ms. Yokinee AT Selvam

Mr. Dexter Mah Kok Leong

Mr. N. P. Ramachandran

Mr. Navaneetha Krishnan


Human Rights Activities

Orang Asli Project

We have been actively involved in this project for the past 5 years. Whenever we are called for assistance by the orang asli villagers, we listen to their grouses and thereupon offer basic advise including legal advice (if necessary) in simple easy to understand manner. Instead of doing everything for them, we will usually guide them into taking a series of action that empower them to face the challenges that confront them. At the same time we will periodically monitor and check on their progress.

A meeting with was held on 07.01.09 at Pejabat Daerah dan Tanah, Batang Padang, Tapah to look into the complaints made by the orang asli villagers of Pos Bersih over heavy erosion caused by sand mining activities which have affected the livelihood of the villagers. The meeting was chaired by the District Officer Dato Zamiri.

Later on the same day another meeting was held at the Kuala Lumpur Central Market to discuss a state level gathering of Malaysia’s Aboriginal Community sponsored by Perak State Government to provide greater awareness to the public of their plight.

On 19.02.09 a meeting was held at Pejabat Daerah dan Tanah, Slim River to discuss land trespass and illegal logging activities at Ulu Slim in Slim River. The meeting was chaired by the District Officer of Slim River.

A talk was held in Kampong Sungei Genting in Chendriang, Tapah on 17.05.09 to empower the orang asli villagers on their rights, land grab, compensation and recognition of ancestral land.

A similar talk was held at Kampong Bilek in Tapah on 07.06.09 as the villagers there were faced with land encroachment and sought means to protect their land.

On 22.07.09 a law awareness program was held at Kampung Batu 14 in Tapah to empower the orang asli villagers and to guide them into taking a series of action to face the challenges that confront them.

A similar program was held on 08.08.09 in Kampong Sungei Tiang and Kampong Bahong Baru at the Pahang-Kelantan border.

On 09.08.09 we partook in World Aboriginal Day 2009 which was celebrated in Kampung Chang in Bidor. The annual celebration included speeches, cultural performance and exhibition.

A law awareness talk was held at Kampung Pahlawan in Langkap on 17.08.09 to provide greater awareness on land rights among other issues.

Another law awareness program was held on 23.08.09 in Kampung Sungei Terisu at the Kelantan-Pahang border to further empower the villagers to fend for themselves.

A visit was made to Gua Musang on 07.11.09 upon receiving distress calls from the villagers of Kampong Segar over the destruction of their ancestral graves and land clearing issues.


Law Awareness Programs

Perak Legal Aid Centre has for years been at the forefront of promoting law awareness among the people. Since we started this project, we have traveled extensively throughout the state and studied and observed exhaustively the condition of the poor and needy in order to ameliorate and endeavor to better their conditions.

A Law Awareness program was held at SMK Dato’ Haji Taib in Chemor on 20.06.09. The talk was on juvenile delinquencies, gangsterism, vandalism and disciplinary matters.

In conjunction with the National Law Awareness Week 2009, several programes were held at various towns in Perak. Three such programs were held in Dewan Merdeka at Lenggong on 22.10.09, Dewan Bunga Raya at Changkat Jering on 27.10.09 and Dewan Merdeka at Tapah on 25.11.09. All three programs were organised by Jabatan Pembangunan Wanita Negeri Perak.

The halls were packed even before the session began as between 350 to 400 participants turned up. Participants included staffs from various government departments, including school students, doctors and nurses, and members of the public.

As for the orang asli communities, two programs were held in Kampung Batu 15, Jalan Cameron Highland, Tapah on 26.10.09 and the other at Kampung Suak Padi, Bota on 27.10.09. Both these programs were well received by the villagers as the turn out was extremely good. The topic on Polis dan Hak Hak Asas Anda interested them and they seemed very receptive by judging from the queries raised during question and answer sessions.


Chambering students who participated were able to gain an insight into a completely different way of life as well appreciated and experience how people lived at such remote places. It was an enriching experience for them.


On-Going Activities

On 06.07.09 a visit was made to Kem Tahanan Kamunting (KEMTA) to provide legal assistance to the detainees and to assist the Bar Council’s Human-Rights Committee (BCHRC) team in any ongoing efforts being conducted on detainees behalf. During the period under review, 6 visits were made to the Tapah Prison and 4 visits were made to Taiping Prison respectively to assist remand prisoners in their bail applications and or legal representations. Our Centre also jointly works with Biro Bantuan Guaman to provide legal assistance to the needy.

The Chambering Pupils program is structured for a duration of 14 clinic days duringwhich time they are given a run down of the Centre’s various projects and activities and are also urged to join them. They are also given guidance on how to interview clients and take instructions. At the end of their short-call period, pupils begin taking up matters by preparing for mitigations and subsequently conducting hearings. At all times they are guided by volunteer lawyers and other senior pupils who act as their mentors. Nineteen pupils enlisted with us underwent a Dock-Brief Training Program on 17.07.09. The pupils were given guidance on mitigation procedures, bail-application and handling of criminal cases.


Cases Handled

During the period under review there were a total of 503 consultations (inclusive of law awareness programs) with 138 new files being opened. The following is thebreakdown of cases handled by the Centre:-


Matters Files Opened Consultaton Rejected Total

Criminal 35 23 39 97

Family 19 21 27 67

Employment 17 14 16 47

Summons/H P 15 23 18 56

Probate matters 12 33 17 62

I.C/Passport 27 36 42 105

Tenancy 13 22 34 69

—– —– —– —–

138 172 193 503

=== === === ===

The 193 rejected cases refer to matters where the clients either failed the compulsory Means Tests and\or matters which are not within the ambit of the Legal Aid Centre. There are also 27 active litigation files carried forward from the previous years bringing the total of active litigation files being handled for the current period to 165.


Domnic Selvam Gnanapragasam


Perak Legal Aid Centre and Human Rights Sub-Committee



Posted at:
February 17th 2010



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