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The Perak Penang Bar Games 2012 Lunch And Dinner
by perakbar


Lunch (Sat 15/9/2012)

Venue: Cafeteria Kompleks Belia Dan Sukan, Ipoh.

Time: 12 pm

Dinner (Sat 15/9/2012)

Venue: 3rd Floor, Kinta Riverfront Hotel, Ipoh.

Time: 8 pm
All members are invited to come and enjoy themselves and support our Perak Bar teams!!
Thank you.



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September 11th 2012




The Perak Penang Games 2012
by perakbar


Dear members,


The upcoming Perak Penang Bar Games 2012 is as follows :-

The Perak Penang Games 2012 Official Logo

14th September 2012 (Friday)

Futsal 7.45   pm – 9.45 pm Ipoh Menglembu Sports Planet K. Nahtan 019-5597645
Snooker 10.00 pm Ipoh Club Gavin Tang 012-5258028
Hockey 7.45  pm Stadium Hoki Perak Jagjit Singh 012-5058469

15th September 2012 (Saturday)

Tennis 9.00 am – 12.00 pm Kompleks Belia dan Sukan Ipoh Kenny Lai 012-5151979
Badminton 9.00 am – 12.00 pm Kompleks Belia dan Sukan Ipoh Chong Kok Yew 012-5229022
Volleyball 9.00 am – 12.00 pm Kompleks Belia dan Sukan Ipoh Julian 012-5189678
Basketball 9.45 am Sekolah Menengah Yuk Choy Ipoh Steven Su 012-5543366
Bowling 2.30 pm Greentown Mall Tun Ammar Aziz 019-5704434
Darts 7.45 pm Ipoh Club Sakthivel 016-5535745
Football 5.00 pm  –  7.00 pm Padang Kompleks Sukan Fey Aqis 019-5751661
Netball 5.00 pm  –  7.00 pm Padang Kompleks Sukan Rozita 017-5771737

Members who are interested to participate please contact the above convenors. Places are still available. Come and support our teams!!

Thank you




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September 6th 2012




by perakbar


Kindly be informed that the date for the Perak – Penang Bar Games 2012 has been
changed to 14th  & 15th September 2012 (Friday & Saturday). Further, the
details of the proposed Games Schedule and Convenors will be informed later by
the Sport Committee.


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June 22nd 2012




by perakbar


The Sport Committee had arranged for a tennis game on 10.6.2012 @ DBI sports complex @ 9am

Be there.


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May 26th 2012




by perakbar

Kindly be informed that the date for the Perak – Penang Bar Games 2012 has been fixed
on 21st & 22nd September 2012. Further, the details of the porposed Games
Schedule and Convenors will be informed later by the Sport Committee.


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May 11th 2012




Report of The Sports Sub-Committee
by perakbar

Chairman : Kenny Lai Choe Ken

Members : Purshotamdas Nathermal Thadani (Kiko)

Nicky Chen Kok Wai

Ng Poh Tat

Jagjit Singh

Sakthivel Nagalingam

Nahtan Krishnan

Chong Kok Yew

Gavin Tang Cheng Loong

Su Ching

Janet Wong Siang Ping

Dalgit Singh

Nor Asikin Bt. Abdul Rahman

Stephen Su Keong Siew

This years games were however dampened by the news that the Golf game would be called off due to conflict of schedules and lack of players from the Penang side (of so I was informed unofficially). Our golfers were actually all prepared to go for the games and win the crucial point for us but alas, fate had other ideas.


This was just the precursor to a few more cancellations. Hockey had to be called off as our convenor fell sick on the day before with fever and and a number of hockey players did not turn up for the games from Perak. The same for darts. For once the drinkers were dart players as well. Hopefully, the participation from members for these games would increase.


Anyhow, on to the games. The Perak contigent started off the games with a bang! Perak won the tennis game 3-0. Kiko Das and Teik Lee saw off their Penang counterparts with relative ease to give us the first point (8-2) and this was followed by a hard fought victory from our first pairing Aw Tai Jak and Kenny Lai who beat their counterparts 8-5 giving Perak the first point of the games.


The icing on the cake came with our 3rd pairing of Nahtan and Kiko combining to see off the Penang challenge completely. 1-0 to Perak!


Following this, the Perak team had their Badminton, snooker, futsal and table tennis games played almost all at the same time. Despite a valiant effort from Chong Kok Yew and our Perak contigent, we lost Badminton narrowly 4-3. All square now.


More bad news was to come from snooker where Gavin, Kenny, Kiko and our Chairman Shan Theivanthiran lost 4-2 to the Penang team. The only consolation from this was that our actual players for snooker were not available for this years games and hopefully the point would come back to us next yeat. Penang 2-1.


Table tennis was represented by our very own Mr. Ng Poh Tat, Mr. Tan and Mr. Goh from the courts and James Kong. Having watched them battle it out and seeing the concentration and sweat flow, the Penang boys capitalized on their home advantage and our team’s lack of constant practice as table tennis was only scheduled by request 2 weeks before the actual games. Penang 3-1.


There was however good news for Perak from the futsal courts. Perak beat Penang 4-3 with the goals coming from Nicky Chen, 2 from Dave and the winning goal from Kiko Das. The win here was an important one as the Thinakaran s/o Prabakharan challenge trophy (specially donated by M/S Lalchand Nawawi in honour of their friend and partner of the firm) was up for grabs. A minutes silence was held before the kick off as a mark of respect and remembrance of our fallen comrade. Penang 3-2.


The evening session of games came along and 2 more points were at stake, Netball and football.

Despite valiant efforts by our makeshift team of Netball players we lost the game. All credit must go my convenor Mdm. Su Ching for managing to find the players for the games. I must state here however that the participation from the female members for the games is at best appalling. I hope that the participation from the women members increase in the years to come. Penang 4-2.


Football was held and the Perak held off the younger and fitter Penang players for 2 halves throwing themselves at every ball with every ounce of their energy in the blazing evening sun.

The Penang bar threw everything including the kitchen sink at the Perak Bar goal post but some inspired defending from the defenders Ian Choo, Baldip Singh, Andrew Yee and Chong Kok Yew met every challenge and prevailed.


The first half started with Kenny Lai in goal as the regular keeper Nahtan had injured himself in the futsal game earlier. The second half started with Kiko Das in goal in place of Kenny. Half way through the second half Kiko requested to be put in midfield and was duly replaced again by Kenny in goal. Soon after that, a freekick was awarded to Perak about 30 yards from goal 2 minutes from full time..


Having already scored a freekick for Perak Bar in Futsal, Kiko stepped up to put his 21 years experience playing for Perak Bar to use. With the blow of the whistle and a perfect free kick beating the wall and the tallest player from Penang (their convenor GT) and the outstanding keeper (who had a blinder of a game thus far). GOAL! Perak had scored despite the overwhelming odds and Kiko lifts his arms up in the shape of a “V”.


There was still much to do though for the last 2 minutes the onslaught from Penang continued but the midfield of Perak and the Defence of Perak held on and prevailed! Perak had won the football match and pulled one back for Perak. Penang 4-3.


The last competitive point for the day was the boat race and Perak was represented by Janet Wong, Chong Kok Yew, Andrew Yee, YB Kashvinder Singh and Ranjit Singh. Perak led all the way and won the boat race when Penang was disqualified when the 4th drinker did not wait for the 3rd drinker to set the cup down on the table before picking his glass up. It may have been a technicality but it was still a point for Perak. Perak 4-4.


The dinner was held at the Penang Sports Club. The food was great and the drinks were flowing continuously and the camaraderie was evident on the faces of all who were there. Friendships were made and competitiveness was set aside for the festivities. The term eat, drink and be merry was the theme for the night. And for some it was a really late night!


The next morning we had the last few competitive games to be played of basketball, volleyball, bowling and cricket.


Somehow, Perak managed to beat Penang in basketball with a score of 28-20. Must have been the inspired commandeering of the squad by its convenor Mr. Stephen Su. Perak 5-4.


Perak however were no match for the volleyball prowess of Penang Bar and duly lost the tie 2-0. Penang 5-5.


Cricket was played in the blazing hot sun and being short of players, the Perak team had a few Penang bar members helping out. A true show of the spirit of the games. And the score was also a great reflection of it. A Draw! 6-6.


The final and deciding game was bowling. Perak raced to a 170 pin lead in the 1st 2 frames. With one final frame to go, our Perak team must have thought the game was in the bag. The Penang team though had other ideas and fought back to win the 3rd frame and the overall bowling game by 25 pins. Kudos to Noraisikin and her team for their brave and valiant effort anyhow. Penang wins the challenge trophy narrowly by 7-6.


Overall, the games was held in a great atmosphere and the camaraderie. It has been suggested that the games be toned down and to start the games from Friday night. This would be left to the next convenor. And I hope that the participation from our members increases next year and the Perak-Penang Bar games continues on.


I must put in a word of thanks to all my convenors and all the players and the supporters who took the time to travel to Penang for this installment of the games. Thank you!


On a separate note, I would like to state for the record that the annual Perak-Penang Games have been a long standing tradition and it is getting more and more difficult to get the younger members of the Perak Bar to participate in the games which in turn makes it very disheartening for those who have sacrificed their time and effort. Participation means both in playing the games as well as in supporting the team when they play. It is through the camaraderie of the games that we make lasting friendship amongst the members of the Perak Bar as well as making new ones with the members of the Penang Bar. I hope that the members will start participating as a lot of time and effort is put in by the Sports Committee in organizing the games.




Kenny Lai Choe Ken

Sports Sub-Committee



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February 17th 2010



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