• Sunday, November 17, 2019

General Info

Why advertise with us?

1. Our visitors are not just lawyers, judicial and legal officers, law academics and law students. We also have members of the public, from around and outside of Malaysia, whose main interest is to locate and find a lawyer to represent them or to gather more information about the legal profession and the administration of justice in Malaysia.


Advertisement Rates

Type of Advertisement Malaysian Law Firms Other Malaysian Entities
1. Law Firms’ Area of Practice
2. Job Vacancy


Payment Method

1. Upon approval of your advertisement, payment can be made through the following options:

The Perak Bar Committee’s contact details are as follows:
Perak Bar Committee
41 Jalan Maharajalela
30000 Ipoh, Perak
Tel No: +605-2537590 /                          +605-2415457
Fax No: +605-2537590
Direct Deposit
Bank in the amount due to:
Account Name:
Account No:
Swift Code:
Prepare a cheque made payable to “Perak Bar Committee” and post it to the Perak Bar Committee Address.

2. The final step is to send the following documents to the Perak Bar Committee :

(a) Job Posting Application Form

(b) Payment slip (with the exception of applicants who paid by cheque). Please indicate your name, contact details, company/firm name & email address.

3. Please note that all advertisements will only be published after you have fully paid the advertisement charges to the Perak Bar Committee.

4.  Please contact Mr/Mrs/Ms after you have posted any advertisement.


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