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Re : Application for Sijil Annual and Practising Certificate to Become Completely Online
by perakbar

Dear Members of the Malaysian Bar,

We refer to the Circular No. 083/2017 dated 17th April 2017 giving notice that all the applications for Practising Certificate to be made online.

Kindly be informed that the Bar Council was informed that the Court intends to launch a new feature of  e-Kehakiman (Phase 2) by mid-2017, which will require all applications for Practising Certificate to be made online. To accommodate this significant change, applications for Sijil Annual will also have to be made online. The Bar Council’s online portal is currently being customised so that both applications can be made through this portal.

Once the Bar Council’s online portal has been integrated with the e-Kehakiman system, the application process for Sijil Annual and Practising Certificate (“SAPC”) will become totally paperless.

All applications must be made online, and Members will no longer have the option to submit hard copy documents in order to apply for their SAPC.

This paperless process represents a substantial transformation in the manner in which SAPC applications are submitted and processed.  Members will have to log into the Bar Council’s online portal in order to complete and submit their SAPC applications.  Supporting documents such as the Statutory Declaration, State Bar Committee Certificate, and Accountant’s Report must be scanned and uploaded during the application process.  When ready, the SAPC can only be retrieved from the online portal.

It is anticipated that all applications for SAPC 2018 will have to be undertaken through the paperless online process.  In addition, once the new system is in place, those who are applying for their SAPC 2017 (including those who are applying for their SAPC for the first time or who are resuming practice) must also apply and submit their documents online.

To prepare for this paperless process, Members are strongly urged to apply early for access to the Bar Council’s online portal, as described below.

Access to the Bar Council’s Online Portal

The online portal is accessible through the Malaysian Bar website at www.malaysianbar.org.my.

Please refer to Circular No 190/2016 dated 24 Aug 2016, entitled “Online Self-Service Portal for Members and Law Firms”, for details regarding the functions available through the Bar Council’s online portal.

(1) Online Portal for Members

To access this section of the online portal, Members are required to register as users of the Malaysian Bar website by completing the registration form available at www.malaysianbar.org.my/create-an-account.html.

(2) Online Portal for Law Firms

The authorised representative of a law firm can access the online portal for law firms in order to assist Members in preparing their SAPC applications.  However, the application must ultimately be submitted by the individual Member through the online portal for Members.

Law firms that have not yet nominated an authorised representative may do so by providing the following particulars of the authorised representative, to whom the user ID and password will be released by email:

(a) Name;
(b) Designation;
(c) Office address; and
(d) Email address.

Please submit these details by completing and returning the attached Registration Form to the Bar Council, together with the original copy of a covering letter on the law firm’s letterhead.

If your law firm had previously been issued with a user ID and password, those same particulars can be used to access the online portal for law firms.

Should you have any enquiries, please contact the Membership Department by telephone at 03-2050 2191 or by email at membership@malaysianbar.org.my.

Thank you.



This circular and the Registration Form may also be accessed here.

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