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Re : Information to be disseminated to the Members of the Perak Bar from the Lower Courts, Ipoh
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Dear Members,

Re  :  Information to be disseminated to the Members of the PerakBar from the Lower Courts, Ipoh


  1. Periodical checks  by lawyers to extract documents e-filed after 4 days after e-filing the document



Members who have e-filed documents either via the service bureau but have not received a notification via email from the Courts that the documents is ready for extraction  after 4 days are advised to make periodical checks at the e-filing website.




  1. a)   Log on the e-filing website at http://efiling.kehakiman.gov.my/eFiling/
  2. b)  Click on public services > online document extraction
  3. c)   Enter your Firms email address and then the extraction code which is stated on  the payment notices.


Members who use the service bureau are advised to ensure they or their filing clerks receive a payment notice stating the extraction code prior to leaving the payment counter after filing.


  1. Limit of 5 documents per Scan Reference Number


Members are reminded that that they can scan and file up to a maximum of 5 documents per Scan Reference Number (SRN).

  1. Scanning of the Documents separately as per the “document type” in the drop down menu



Members who scan the documents to be e-filed from their respective Offices are advised that the documents to be filed ought to be scanned separately according to the document type.


Eg:   Writs are to be scanned separate from the Statement of Claim.

Notices of Application are to be scanned separately from the Affidavits in Support.


Kindly take note of the above issues. Any feedback from members will be appreciated and members may email their complaints to the e-filing hotline email address :clcperak@gmail.com


Yours sincerely




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