• Sunday, November 17, 2019

Report of The Information Technology Sub-Committee
by perakbar

Chairman : Mr. Gavin Tang

The Perak Bar Blog has now been running for more than a year. We were pleasantly surprised when YA Dato Wan Afrah wholeheartedly supported our request for the weekly causelist. Ever since then, we have been receiving the causelist weekly and this has been of great assistance to all members of the Perak Bar. We hope to continue having support from the Bench with regards to the causelist. It has however been rather difficult sourcing for articles from our members.However, I must record my thanks to the regular contributors to the blog, namely Miss Navit Kaur, Mr S.Y. Lee and Miss Julia Tang who took time out of their busy schedules to contribute to the blog. It must be noted that the response of the members of the Perak Bar to the articles written were rather underwhelming and our hopes that the blog would provide a sounding board for our members has not taken off.


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