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Report of The Social Sub-Committee
by perakbar

Chairman : Mr. Su Keong Siew


This has been a rather quiet year for the social sub-committee.

Initially there were plans to organize at least 3 events over the course of this committee. However only one was successfully held, that is, the Annual Dinner with the others abandoned for want of support and response from the members.

This year the Annual Dinner was held at Impiana Casurina Hotel on 20.11.2009 with Y.A. Dato’ Zainal Adzam bin Abd. Ghani D.P.M.P., D.P.M.K., S.M.J., K.M.N. as our guest of honour. Also among the invited guests who attended our dinner were 3 of the Judicial Commissioners of the High Court Y.A. Tuan Tarmizi bin Abd Rahman, Y.A. Tuan Ridzuan bin Ibrahim and Y.A. Tuan Teoh Say Eng.

With a limited budget, members who attended the dinner were treated to a live band performance by “The Mystery Band” and lucky draws. All in all the dinner was a great success and the sub-committee members are grateful and thankful to all members who have contributed to this success in attending the dinner.

Last but not the least, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those members who have assisted me in organizing the Annual Dinner in particular Miss Janet Wong, Mr. Gavin Tang and Mr. Kenny Lai without whom the Annual Dinner would not have been a success.



Su Keong Siew


Social Sub-Committee


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