Dear Members of Perak Bar,

For the convenience of the Members, this is to inform that the Perak Bar Committee has secured a limited number of car badges & car stickers for sale to Perak Bar Members at the rates stated as per below:-

a) Car Badge – RM150.00 (each)
b) Pewter Moulded Car Badge – RM200.00 (each)
c) Car Sticker – RM5.00 (each)

However, in order to purchase these items, Members are to adhere to the terms and conditions set out as below:-
i) That these items are strictly for Members of the Malaysian Bar with valid Practising Certificates at the time of purchase;
ii) Only one car badge (regular or pewter-moulded) and/or one car sticker can be purchased for each car;
iii) A photocopy of the Member’s vehicle insurance certificate or vehicle registration card registered under the name of the Member must be produced when purchasing these items; and
iv) A Member may authorize in writing a third party to collect the purchased car badge or sticker on his / her behalf.
Kindly take note that in the event that these items were to run out, any Member desiring to purchase the car badge or sticker can provide their respective names to the Secretariat, and the Secretariat shall then procure (subject to availability) from the Malaysian Bar Secretariat. The respective Member shall then be informed once the items are ready for collection.
Thank you.
Publication, Library & IT Subcommittee

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