Job Posting Form

Please read the following Terms and Conditions before you post any job advertisement.

  1. Advertisements posted will be displayed for a continuous period of 1 months upon receipt of payment by the Perak Bar Committee. Any extension will be subject to the requisite payment being made.
  2. The cost of each job advertisement is RM50 (legal firms). All payments are to be payable to “Perak Bar Committee”. Please use one the following modes of payment:
    • Online fund transfer to PUBLIC BANK, Account No. 3229 2307 11. Kindly submit proof of payment by fax (05-2537590) or e-mail (
    • Cheques made out to “Perak Bar Committee” and sent to the Perak Bar Secretariat
  1. Kindly use the template form to submit your advertisement. Please note that if you require a specific manner of posting of your job listing you are required to send the poster of your specific job posting. In absence of that your letter head and the details therein will be posted on the website.
  2. Please note that all job advertisements are subject to editing by the Perak Bar Committee to ensure that postings with existing rules and rulings of the Bar Council.
  3. Please call Ms. Charen / Cik Azie at 05-2537590 / 05-2415457 after you have posted any job advertisement.
Terms & Conditions
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