To All Members of the Perak Bar,

Kindly be informed that the Perak Bar Committee has been liasing with Dato Pengarah and his officers at Bahagian Pendaftaran Hakmilik, PTG, Perak to address the numerous problems pertaining to obtaining appointment dates for presentation of instruments of dealings.
The delay is caused by the massive volume of e-temujanji applications for presentations amounting to 5,400 plus and the applications made via the QR code, both modes of which have been temporarily suspended in order for PTG staff to attend to same. We are informed that as at 03.08.2021, they have managed to complete 4,631 presentations and have given assurance that the balance will be cleared by Friday 6.8.2021. Members are to take note that PTG staff is working at reduced capacity under the restrictions and SOPs imposed by the relevant authorities.


In this respect, the Perak Bar Committee has been working with the Kelab Kakitangan Firma Guaman Ipoh Perak (a registered body representing runners appointed by legal firms aka “Runners Association” ) to come up with a temporary measure to address the difficulties in obtaining the appointment dates despite registering via the PTG website. At a meeting held on 3.8.2021 with officials at PTG Perak, this idea was presented for consideration and has received the approval of both PTG and also REHDA represented by their Chairman, Mr. Raymond Chan.

All parties have agreed for the following measures to be implemented: –

1.   Effective 9.8.2021 until further notice, PTG has limited presentations to 150 per day.  A schedule will be drawn up and put up on Perak Bar website where members can view the respective day and time allotted for their firm to present their instruments of dealings, through their appointed runner(s). This schedule will be prepared and posted at the Perak Bar website on each Friday preceding the oncoming week and will set out the listing for each day and 28 firms will be able to present a maximum of 5 presentations on any given date. In this way, it is expected that most firms would be able to secure a date to present their documents in the coming week. If any member/ firm is unable to obtain a slot in the Schedule, then kindly contact the Ms. Kamala Mahlini, Chairperson of the Conveyancing Sub Committee or Mr Shanker (012-5127480), Chairman of the “Runners Association” who will be able to assist on this.

2.  Members who do not engage any runner and who have been attending personally at PTG to present their instruments of dealings  are requested  to fill up the Form A  (available from Perak Bar website) and submit same via email to whereupon an appointment date and time will be fixed by the Perak Bar. Each day, 2 individual lawyers with a maximum of 5 presentations each will be able to attend at PTG to present their instruments of dealings.

3.   For firms having bulk presentations i.e. 100 and above, kindly complete the Form B ( also available from Perak Bar website)  and submit same via email to and appointments will be fixed by Perak Bar for each Saturday of the month on a first come first served basis, with a limit of 150 presentations per day.
We are informed by PTG officials that they will rely solely on the listing as per the Schedule and Forms mentioned in items 1, 2 and 3 above and will not entertain any complaint or request for change of the same without the prior approval of the Perak Bar Committee. As such, members are encouraged to provide feedback and constructive comments to this Committee in order to iron out/ resolve any teething problems which may arise from time to time. Cooperation and understanding from members is much appreciated as this Committee tries its level best to arrange a workable solution to the current issues and we hope to continue to foster a healthy working relationship with PTG officials and members of the Runners Association who in effect are our frontliners.
Further, we have requested PTG to grant an extension to the late penalty dateline expiring on 31.8.2021 and have been assured that this will be considered favourably. We will update members once confirmation is received on same.
Yours sincerely,

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